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 Elevate Your Rafldex Experience with Membership:   For our users who frequent the raffle frontier, we offer an exclusive Rafldex Membership program. Becoming a member is simple: a one-time payment of 0.5 ETH gets your wallet whitelisted, unlocking a suite of premium benefits.

To begin your membership process, fill out the Google form provided. This is where you'll share your wallet information and process the membership fee. After successful verification, your Rafldex account will be upgraded to member status.

As a Rafldex Member, you'll enjoy an array of privileges including free raffle listings, eliminating standard raffle fees. Plus, you'll see a 2% reduction on royalty payments for both ETH and $DUMMY raffles.

  Become a member!  
The path to membership and these enticing benefits starts with our Google form. Simply navigate to the google form below, and you'll find the form and all necessary payment instructions outlined. Join the Rafldex Membership program today and elevate your raffle experience to the next level!

Mor{eee} Information

At Rafldex, we're passionate about delivering a top-tier raffle experience like no other. Our tiered memberships, tailored to enhance your interactions, are meticulously designed for optimal satisfaction. Browse the table below to discover the unique features each membership level offers. With Rafldex, every raffle is a seamless journey of excitement and opportunity, repeatedly. Let's make your raffle experience extraordinary, time after time.

Enter Raffles
Enter RafflesHost RafflesListing RafflesCancel RafflesRoyalties RafflesPremium Benefits
0.02 ETH0.01 ETH
0.03 ETH

* Premium Features include custom PFP, Twitter links, subscriber badge, exclusive entry to Subscriber-Only Raffles & Subscriber Discord channel

* Holder status is currently determined if a user is holding any one of the following NFTs; GHNFT, Ape Hater Club, DVDA.

Note: It is always cheaper to use $DUMMY for listing raffles.

No matter your tier, we are thrilled
to have you in our community

Happy raffling!