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Rafldex is revolutionizing the world of raffles by providing a unique blend of official centralized draws and personalized, user-generated raffles. With our state-of-the-art booking system, Rafldex empowers users to create their own NFT raffles, offering a novel approach to liquidity that goes beyond the traditional WETH-based NFT market model.

Our platform taps into the power of decentralization, taking advantage of the blockchain's transparency and reliability to ensure fair and trustless raffle processes. By utilizing blockchain technology (chain link's randomiser), we grant power back to the users, providing an open, democratic platform where everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed.

Rafldex is more than just a raffle platform - it's a hub for cross-community integration, a melting pot for diverse NFT communities to interact, share, and grow together. This vibrant ecosystem encourages engagement and fosters a super NFT community that breaks down the boundaries of individual projects.

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Single RafflesMulti-Raffles

Moreover, Rafldex opens up a new world of advertising opportunities. Brands and creators can leverage our user-centric platform to engage with a captive, dedicated audience of NFT enthusiasts, enhancing visibility and broadening their reach.

Finally, Rafldex is a revenue-generating powerhouse. Our raffle marketplace operates on a fee-based model, creating a sustainable revenue stream while maintaining an exciting and rewarding user experience. This benefits both our users and NFT collections as we aim to re-invest back into collections, raffles and discounted giveaways.

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Rafl Weth

In the evolving landscape of NFTs, floor prices have seen a significant dip, spurred by platforms like BLUR, which have shifted the narrative from long-term holding to short-term flipping. Rafldex steps into this space with a fresh, gamified approach to rekindle the spirit of the NFT community.

Embrace a Better Way: Tired of accepting 'floor' WETH offers for your NFTs? Rafldex provides an enticing alternative. Create your own raffle and unlock new potential. Communities and groups can take an active role in promoting their raffles. As the crowd grows, hosts can reap benefits far exceeding the typical floor price, turning the traditional sales model on its head.

Unlock Possibilities: Rafldex brings high-value NFTs within reach for more users. By entering a raffle, you get a shot at owning coveted NFTs that might typically be out of your budget, and all at just a fraction of the price. Rafldex democratizes access to premium NFTs, revolutionizing the market dynamics.

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Why floor,Wen Rafl?

Play to Win, Win to Play:
At Rafldex, we understand that not everyone can emerge as a winner in every raffle. But, in our universe, every play counts and every player matters. Your raffle activity accumulates value, fueling your journey on our platform. Regardless of your win rate, your participation contributes to your standing on our leaderboard.

The most active participants, those with the highest ticket counts over specific periods, will be invited to join higher chance raffles - our break-even raffles - increasing your odds to win. These special draws provide an excellent opportunity for avid users to capitalize on their raffle activity and stand a chance to win big.

Rafldex is more than a platform;  it's a dynamic, user-focused ecosystem set to redefine the NFT landscape. Welcome to Rafldex - where everyone gets a shot at victory. Join us today, and be part of the revolution.

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Rafldex will allow users to host raffles in a variety of tokens.
To begin with we will support ETH and $DUMMY.

ETH Raffles
Raffle Royalty = 5% (ETH)
Dummy Raffles0.01ETHRaffle Royalty = 3.5% ($DUMMY)
Raffle Fee is paid on Raffle creation.Raffle Royalties are deducted on Raffle payout.
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User Agreement

By proceeding and using the Rafldex platform, you acknowledge and accept the inherent risks associated with such a process. It is important to understand that, while raffles can be rewarding, they may also result in losses.

Rafldex does not assume any liability for potential losses incurred through your raffle. As a user, it is your responsibility to evaluate the risks and rewards, exercise caution, and make informed decisions.

By Using this platform, you confirm that you understand and agree to these terms. Please ensure you read and fully comprehend this agreement before proceeding with using this platform. Your continued use of Rafldex's services implies your acceptance of these terms.